Real Estate

Various Partners at Williams & Partners have decades of experience in all aspects of the real estate industry.
We have dealt with the purchase, ownership, development, rental and sale of all types of properties ranging from raw land to residential, commercial, and industrial real estate, by both Canadian resident and nonresident owners.

Our clients range from integrated land developers who buy large tracks of land and rezone it for multiple uses, to home builders building single family, multiple family housing and multi-use condominiums to, commercial and industrial property owners. Each one of these have different income tax, HST, financing and accounting issues, for which we are very familiar. Our extensive experience has allowed us to establish a network of contacts in the legal, financial, insurance and real estate related consultant industries which give our clients added comfort knowing they are dealing with other proven reliable professionals that understand this peculiar industry.

We are very familiar with the various forms of ownership structure including sole proprietorship, partnership, limited partnership, joint venture, limited company and combinations thereof. We ensure that the most tax efficient structure is utilized considering the owners and the applicable situation. With the constantly changing economic environments, we have helped clients protect their assets from creditors and reorganize their affairs when necessary. Our extensive experience has helped minimize CRA scrutiny of transactions or successfully defend our clients in the event of CRA audits, allowing our clients can better sleep at night.

With the increasing trend in real estate prices, we help clients with estate planning to minimize taxes and defer income taxes to the maximum extent possible. We always take a holistic approach considering the family unit in maximizing family wealth.