Helping to Sell a Successful Practice While Minimizing Tax Implications

Our Services: Tax & Estate Planning

The client had a long standing and well-respected dentistry practice located in Richmond Hill. The client was ready to sell his practice and wanted the maximum amount of value for the practice he built and grew. He had difficulty coming up with a precise amount that would fairly represent his assets and dedication to the practice.

Williams & Partners immediately began assessing the value of company practice. We assessed his assets which included equipment, leasehold improvements, and operating rooms. We took a hands-on approach by being involved with the sale and coordinating with potential buyers regarding purchase price and inclusions. We also performed a deallocation of the purchase price for tax purposes.

In the end, the practice was sold for a price our client was happy with. Due to our assistance in the sale, we were able to minimize the tax implications associated with the sale of the business.