Helping to Grow a Business and Increase Revenue and Profitability

Our Services: Performance Improvement

Our client came to us with a clear objective around growing their business and increasing revenue and profit margins.

After meeting with the client to gain a thorough understanding of their business, our next step was to evaluate the company’s expenses to determine which were core or non-core. We then proceeded to rationalize their expenses by performing a judicious reconciliation of costs and mapping out expenses and revenue. We helped increase bill out rates, assisted in mapping out effective utilization of staff and made suggestions of how to exit non-performing shareholders.

Our assistance helped to identify and fix inefficiencies within the company, allowing them to gain greater control over their expenses and maximize the capabilities of their team. This work resulted the company increasing their profits from 7% to 20-25% using their existing client and revenue base. The increase in profits continues to be sustainable as the appropriate controls were implemented to ensure continued growth and success.