Getting Your Business Growing with the Right Help

Our Services: SR&ED

A start-up plant was looking to grow within the plastics manufacturing industry but faced cash flow challenges. They lacked the financial resources to extend production and hire new employees that would support the growth they desired.

Our team of Experts at Williams & Partners realized there were opportunities to apply for government funding to help with expansion and job growth. Working with our client to forecast job growth and retention, we coordinated with government agencies to identify funding to help with our client’s growth. The Jobs and Prosperity Fund is designed (in part) to help private sector organizations to improve productivity, performance and competitiveness, expand export / trade opportunities and increase job creation capacity. We managed to help secure $1.5 million in government funding over the course of 5 years for our client.

Thanks to the Jobs and Prosperity Fund, several employees were hired and retained. Our client was able to expand production, ultimately bringing in more revenue.