Competitive Employment Package

Hard work deserves recognition. We offer a flexible schedule, summer hours and a competitive benefit package to all our team members. We monitor our compensation structure to ensure we offer salaries, as well as vacation time, that are in line with our mid-size accounting firm market. Individual salaries are reviewed on an annual basis to offer a merit increase opportunities as team members meet their personal objectives that achieve the firm’s results. When team members go above and beyond, we like to recognize those extra efforts through bonuses. As we encourage career development, we also offer reimbursement for staff development towards their Chartered Professional Accountant designation.

Work-Life Balance

We pride ourselves in what we do, but also appreciate that there is a time to work and a time to play. On average, we have a 35-hour work week and when busy season surfaces our schedules tend to increase to a 40-hour work week. There are times when we need to put in an extra effort but during the slower months we can take some extra time to enjoy life. Our schedules currently allow a reduced workday during the summer where we are able to offer our summer hours program.

Career Development

In addition to the firm’s annual goals, every team member has their own personal career objectives. Our performance management program allows our employees to manage their objectives and track successes. We support our team members to reach their career objectives through an annual review process, as well as through our mentorship program. W&P also supports students as they embark on their career as a Chartered Professional Accountant by participating in universities’ co-op programs. We hire students on an annual basis to help during our busy season and maximize their learning opportunities.