Our Services

Growing a business is an ongoing challenge. To do it successfully, you need to manage cash flow, monitor costs and realize operational efficiencies, while at the same time staying current with increasingly complex regulations. That’s where Williams & Partners can help beyond numbers.

To help you increase profitability, minimize risk and maximize compliance, our team of accounting experts will do more than simply report on your business history. We’ll provide you with practical financial strategies to help your company grow, while working closely with you to help map out your business future. By investing the time it takes to thoroughly understand where you are today, we will help prepare for the challenges and opportunities of tomorrow.

Through an internal audit and review of internal controls, we can also help reduce errors, systemize business to optimize efficiencies and help ensure your assets are properly safeguarded. Should an audit of financial information ever be required, our highly experienced audit team will work to meet all requirements and ensure that you have the highest possible level of confidence in your financial reports, while bringing precision and value to the process.

When it comes to corporate income taxes, our ultimate goal at Williams & Partners is to identify opportunities and implement strategies to minimize the impact of taxes on your business. We guide you through increasingly complex tax regulations so you can better manage risk, avoid compliance issues and penalties, and make more confident and informed business decisions.

To achieve this, our team of tax experts will work alongside you to deliver tax strategies specifically tailored to the individual needs of your business. Combine this with our firm’s extensive tax knowledge and unique strategic perspective that looks at the whole of your business operation and not just your tax filings. Our tax group will ensure you are not paying more tax than necessary, there by maximizing the value of your assets. You will also gain the increased confidence that comes from knowing that you are meeting your legal obligations.

No matter what the size of your business or what your specific tax issues are, we’ll work with you to develop and implement custom-tailored tax solutions that will help your business maximize tax efficiencies, minimize liabilities and achieve its full potential.

Through the Scientific Research & Experimental Development (SR&ED) program, the Canadian government provides generous incentives each year in the form of tax credits and tax refunds to Canadian businesses that undertake qualifying research and development activities in Canada. If you have a SR&ED claim for either current and/or past expenses, Williams & Partners can help you maximize that claim, while helping to ensure compliance with Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) guidelines.

The SR&ED rules can be quite complex. Understanding this, our advisors can assist you in determining eligible projects, preparing project descriptions, determining qualifying expenditures and preparing all relevant forms and tax schedules. We can also assist you in dealing with CRA SR&ED financial and technical reviews.

Are you missing out? The federal government provides over $4 billion to R&D claimants each years and most provincial governments, including Ontario’s, also provide incentives for R&D. Approximately three-quarters of all SR&ED claimants are small to medium size businesses. To learn more about the SR&ED program, contact Enzo Morini of our Tax Group.

Why is succession planning so essential? Because more than 70% of family-owned businesses do not survive the transition to the second generation after falling prey to competition, capital gain taxes or family disputes. Even if you don’t plan on passing the reigns to a family members, one day you will exit the business. Failing to plan for that eventually could put both your wealth and the future success of your business at risk.

Retirement and estate planning are equally important for business owners. The former to ensure that you can enjoy a comfortable retirement lifestyle. The latter to ensure that your beneficiaries enjoy the maximum benefit of your estate, without it being eroded by probate and estate taxes.

At Williams & Partners, we’ll analyze your situation carefully and then work with you to develop succession, retirement and estate plans that will not only meet your financial goals, protect your family’s wealth and secure your retirement, but also ensure a tax advantageous and orderly transfer of ownership in keeping with your wishes.

Williams & Partners provides comprehensive Human Resources (HR) support and expertise to a variety of different small to medium sized businesses, including organizations that are not big enough yet to warrant a separate HR Department. We support businesses and not-for-profit organizations that are growing, downsizing or in transition, and larger, established organizations with HR Departments that require additional specialized assistance.

Do you need advice on recruiment and onboarding, employee relations, performance management or training and development? Are you facing other people-related challenges in your workplace, such as succession planning, compensation, terminations or policy development? Rest assured that we will take the time to fully understand your business and your culture to ensure the solutions we recommend are value-added and meet your objectives and goals.

To move your business forward and achieve your financial goals you need to recruit, motivate and retain talented employees, while managing risk for employment law liabilities. By utilizing our expertise in human resources policies, practices and processes, you’ll gain the strategic and practical HR solutions needed to grow your organization – without the need to invest in full-time, in-house personnel.

Not-for-profit organizations have unique financial planning, accounting and reporting requirements. Not-for-profits often have limited resources with which to ensure timely and accurate record keeping and proper disclosure of their efforts. Add on the tighter controls that management, board of directors, contributors and governments – among others – are demanding and the need for accounting excellence in this environment becomes clear.

Having a deep understanding of the key issues facing not-for-profit organizations, Williams & Partners can provide you with strategic counsel that will help you improve efficiencies and enhance your overall performance, while strengthening both your finance and accounting processes and internal controls to ensure that all regulatory directives are met.

With compliance requirements becoming more complex and the accounting practices of non-profits coming under increasing scrutiny from both the public and regulators, the counsel we deliver helps mitigate any business or financial reporting risk. Our advice can also help your non-for-profit maintain a positive image, minimize potentially costly conflicts and gain a competitive advantage.

Our experienced tax advisors not only prepare personal income tax returns but also offer counsel and guidance on an extensive range of tax issues, including integrated tax planning, family tax planning, and tax strategies for business owners, executives and high net worth individuals.

Having decades of hands-on experience in tax preparation for both individuals and businesses of all sizes, our tax professionals are respected for providing pro-active recommendations to help you minimize the taxes you pay so you can keep more of your wealth, while ensuring compliance to the greatest degree possible. Should an audit or tax issue arise, we can help you navigate through the complexity to help ensure things are resolved in a timely and efficient manner.

If you are an individual who runs a business, our expert tax consultants can also provide you with custom-tailored tax solutions and services that will help you minimize your corporate tax burden, uncover risks before they become issues and add value to your organization.